Child Only Health Insurance

In the easiest situations, entire families can enjoy the same benefits on the same major medical insurance policy. However, this doesn’t work out for all families for reasons we will discuss below. If you need to put any number of children on a different health insurance plan, you will be happy to know that quality health insurance companies offer child only health insurance.

Best Child Only Health Insurance Plans

Consider some recent statistics about US health insurance from the Kaiser Family Foundation:

  • Employer-based insurance coverage: 48 percent
  • Other private (individual) coverage: 6 percent
  • Public health insurance coverage (Not Medicare): 18 percent

Less than half of individuals actually get employer-based group health insurance. In some cases, the actual employee may get affordable health insurance from an employer, but he or she might find it is very expensive to extend it to an entire family. Of course, in plenty of other cases, there is no group coverage at all. In these circumstances, the parents or guardians have to make the best choice about the way to insure their kids.

Public health insurance for kids might include CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. However, this is usually a very strict HMO that you have to qualify for because of family assets. CHIP is also not the right solution for all kids.

Compare Child Only Health Insurance

There is no doubt that having an entire family covered by the same plan is convenient. However, buying medical coverage always means that the benefits needed and price has to be weighed. If most people in the family are fairly healthy, a low-cost health insurance policy might be the wise choice.

However, if one child in the family has a chronic health condition, it makes more sense to buy that child more robust child. By purchasing child only health insurance for that individual, and putting other family members on a different plan, the right balance between premiums and benefits can be achieved.

It’s really easy to shop online for the price and benefits you need. You can start right now by entering your home ZIP code in the form on this web page. Once you have seen local options, you can also contact the agent or health insurance company for more information.