Child Only Health Insurance in Chicago, Illinois

Recently I ran into a single mom and her son on an elevator. As we made small talk on the ride down to our hotel lobby, I realized something, by providing parents the opportunity to find affordable child only health insurance in Chicago and other cities around the United States, our company is making people’s lives better. This might be the same thought President Obama had when he created the Affordable Care Act that included, the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). There are thousands of families who have benefited from Obamacare and for many of them, affordable health insurance for children only has a been a life saver.

Child Only Health Insurance in Chicago Illinois

For many families living in Illinois today, health care coverage or on the job health insurance benefits through a group plan only cover the employee. This means that hard working Chicagoan’s face the difficult decision and choice about how to find a way to afford health insurance for their children. This can be especially difficult if you have multiple children or you find yourself facing large health bills related to well baby checkups, immunizations or even dental care for your kids. The last thing Chicago residents need is more money going out of their pockets each month.

The great thing about child only health insurance plans is that you can compare them online no matter which neighborhood you live in in Chicago. We work with some of the biggest and best health insurance providers for children throughout the Chicagoland area including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, Humana and Unitedhealth One. Many of these plans are short term health insurance policies. They include private plans, PPO, HMO and more and you get quotes from some of the best carriers online. We offer affordable health insurance for children only on the West Side, the Loop and Near North side as well as most other areas in Chicago. 

Where To Find Child Only Health Insurance in Chicago Illinois Plans

It’s important to remember that you can enroll, compare or change your plan during the Open Enrollment period mandated by the Federal Government under the Affordable Care Act. This period starts on November 1 and ends on January 31st. There are certain circumstances where you can apply and enroll in a child only health insurance in Chicago Illinois policy outside of Open Enrollment. Some of these reasons would be a move, divorce or employment change. It’s always best to speak to a licensed insurance agent for specific questions related to your situation.