Affordable Health Insurance for Children Only in North Carolina

At times, bundling a family’s adults and children on one medical plan is either not possible or not the best solution for healthcare needs. In some cases, group medical plans are expensive to extend to the kids or the parent does not even live and work in the same town as the children that he needs to cover. To help children out, many major health insurance companies do provide child only health insurance in North Carolina. Many of these policies are great in providing short term insurance policies.

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Best Health Insurance for Children Only in North Carolina

Only 46 percent of North Carolinians enjoy group medical benefits, so over half of people in this state need to rely upon public or private health insurance. Also, over 10 percent of children in North Carolina do not live in a home that is headed up by their own parents, so guardians may need to purchase health insurance for child only.

These are the largest cities in North Carolina, and the percentage of children under 19:

Health Coverage for children in North Carolina is important. These low-cost health insurance plans from the Affordable Care Act will cover important services like:

Child Only Health Insurance in North Carolina Rates

CHIP, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, provides a public option for child only health insurance in North Carolina for families with modest income. Typically, this is an HMO, and it may only allow access to a limited number of doctors and specialists in some cities. Meanwhile, many private North Carolina private insurance companies market affordable health insurance for kids, and these are PPOs that allow families a greater ability to choose their insurance carriers.

These are some of the biggest private health insurance companies that offer affordable health insurance for children only in North Carolina. If your family qualifies, you may also qualify for a subsidy on private marketplace health insurance plans. You might fill out a fairly long application form at to find out if your children qualify, but you can also get a local health insurance agent to help you, and it won’t cost you any more.

Children’s Health Insurance Program in North Carolina (CHIP Coverage)

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