Affordable Health Insurance for Children Only in Ohio

For many Ohio families, the right solution is to simply include children on an Ohio family health insurance plan. However, this doesn’t work out well for everybody, so top insurers do offer child only health insurance in Ohio. This coverage can be purchased for babies through teenagers, and multiple children in one family can also get included on one policy. Because age is a major fact that affects the price, child only health insurance in Ohio is usually very affordable.

Best Child Only Health Insurance in Ohio

If you need help finding affordable health insurance for children only in Ohio, we want to help. Enter the ZIP code of your kids in the simple online health insurance quote form on this page. By comparing the companies you see listed, you can find affordable health insurance for children only in Ohio.

These are the percentage of kids in some of the largest Ohio cities:

Also, in Ohio, almost nine percent of the state’s children live in households that are headed by somebody other than parents. Frequently, the heads of household are grandparents and other relatives. When the parent who needs to cover children lives outside of the child’s city, he or she may have to purchase separate insurance to ensure good benefits for local doctors.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, only about 50 percent of Ohioans get covered by employer-based group medical plans.

Children’s Health Insurance Program in Ohio (CHIP Coverage)

Children without group benefits and a modest family income may be eligible for CHIP, the Children’s Health Insurance Program. CHIP is a good solution for many families, but this program has strict income guidelines, only offers an HMO, and may take time to apply for. Some families may also qualify for tax credits to buy private medical insurance through the federal health insurance marketplace at

Meanwhile, you can apply for child only health insurance in Ohio quickly, so you can provide proof of coverage for school and outside activities. Also, you are free to apply for popular PPOs which offer both affordable prices and flexibility.

Additionally, residents of some areas may also be served well by regional and local health insurance plans. The right choice really depends upon your family financial situation, your child’s health needs, and where you live within the state of Ohio.

Finding the best child only health insurance in Ohio does not have to be difficult. Get started by only entering your ZIP code. Then click through to find more information and contact information. We hope to help all Ohio families find affordable health insurance and great medical benefits.