Affordable Health Insurance for Children in Texas

Most Texans end up either getting their family covered at work or buying private family health insurance. However, there are some cases when it is a better idea to purchase child only health insurance in Texas plans. This commonly happens when a divorced parent needs to purchase health care coverage for children because they live outside of the coverage area of his or her plan.

Other cases might include children who do not live with their parents, parents who lack health insurance, and employee-based medical plans that only cover employees and not families. Some people on Medicaid may have questions about this as well. This is where affordable health insurance for children only can come in handy. Some plans cover kids with pre-existing conditions.

Best Child Only Health Insurance in Texas

Most major medical companies in this state sell plans that provide health insurance for children only as well as family coverage. The good news is that health plan premiums are mostly set by age, and kids are fairly inexpensive to cover. Additionally, insurance plans in Texas can be purchased from a local agent, over the phone, or even on the Internet, so getting covered by a private company should be a fairly quick process. This is another reason you may want to consider a child only health insurance in Texas policy.

Before purchasing coverage, it might be a good idea to review some of the most popular types of affordable health insurance for children only in Texas plans. These include HSAs, HMOs, and PPPOs. This outlines these three types of plans:

Children’s Health Insurance Program in Texas (CHIP Coverage)

Some families may benefit from the CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program) program in Texas because of the various services that are provided like dental care. According to, many families need this type of insurance. Per the Affordable Care Act, usually you can only enroll in health insurance plans during the open enrollment period. However, you are welcome to compare child only health insurance in Texas outside of the open enrollment period here on our website. In some cases you may qualify for insurance coverage outside of open enrollment in Texas.

We work with some of the best rated companies in the health insurance marketplace offering short-term, low-cost health insurance coverage. The great thing about the Texas health insurance marketplace is that you can find affordable insurance plans available in your neck of the woods.

The right health coverage really depends upon the plans and networks in your local area, your budget, and your child’s medical needs. HMO plans are the most restrictive because they require members to access almost all services through the network, but they usually provide the highest coverage levels at the lowest premium cost. PPO plans are more flexible, but they still encourage members to use plan providers by making it cheaper to get services inside of the network. HSAs have a high deductible, and they are meant to only cover high medical expenses. But people with HSAs can also make contributions to the savings account to help pay out-of-pocket costs, and qualified contributions can count as tax deductions.

Compare Child Only Health Insurance in Texas Online

If you need child only health insurance, you can find the right low cost choice by comparing health insurance quotes for children. You can do this outside of the enrollment period using our online quote systems can give you a list of companies that do business in your local area and the premiums they will charge for the child or children you need to cover. The important thing is to balance the premium against the benefits that the insurance coverage offers. If you need help, the insurance company or a good local agent should be able to answer your questions and help you enroll.

If you’re shopping for child only health insurance in Texas plans, we can help!  If you have any questions about the coverage options available, feel free to contact us one of our licensed agents.  We want to be your one stop for all of your child’s health insurance plans. They’ll be happy to help you in any way that can.