Affordable Health Insurance for Children Only in Virginia

While most families in Virginia prefer to include their children on a family policy, that is not feasible for all families. Some employers do not include kids on their group medical plan, or they make it very expensive to cover non-employees. In other cases, children do not live in the same city as the parent who has to buy coverage, and they may even live with grandparents or other relatives.

However, if you need to cover kids separately, you can find many quality companies that offer child only health insurance in Virginia plans. Since insurers tend to set rates based upon age, it usually possible to find very affordable health insurance for children only in Virginia.

Best Child Only Health Insurance in Virginia

These are some statistics about Virginia children:

Children’s Health Insurance Program in Virgina (CHIP Coverage)

While CHIP and Medicaid provide a valuable safety net, they are not the right solution for all families. Besides strict income qualifications, it takes time to get accepted. Also, the programs are HMOs, and these may be very restrictive for some families.

Meanwhile, child only health insurance in Virginia insurance offers many PPOs. PPOs are the most popular type of managed care because they give families more flexibility in choosing doctors and other health care services.

This is the difference between Virginia HMOs and PPOs:

Comparing Health Insurance for Children in Virginia

Your first step should be to gather health insurance quotes for kids. Besides price, you need to compare the benefits of different policies. In some cases, the child only health insurance in Virginia plans will not save you money.

If your child is fairly healthy and mostly needs affordable health insurance in case of an emergency, you might chose a plan with a fairly high deductible. However, if your child suffers from a medical condition that requires frequent doctor’s appointments and prescriptions, you may be more satisfied with more robust coverage to help you control regular medical expenses.

Plan networks also matter. While, for example, some insurers may have very good groups in large cities like Arlington or Richmond, they may not have as many providers in a small town or rural area.

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