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Ideally, an entire family can enjoy benefits from the same Wisconsin health insurance plan, but this is not always the best solution. For example, some children don’t live in the same city as the parent who needs to provide health coverage for the family. For others, employer-based group health plans may charge a lot to include an entire family, or one child may have different medical needs than the rest of the family. Finally, not all families have access to employer group health insurance plans at all, so parents or guardians have to purchase may need to purchase a child only health insurance in Wisconsin plan.

Best Child Only Health Insurance in Wisconsin

There are a variety of reasons why families in Wisconsin may need to compare affordable health insurance for their children. For some, an individual health insurance plan provides important health benefits for things like:

In these cases, you can usually find child only health insurance in Wisconsin from some of the top insurance carriers in the state online. It always pays to compare child only health insurance quotes online, and we make it easy. Just enter the ZIP code of your city in the quote box on this page. In return, you can get quick quotes from top Wisconsin health insurance companies.

These are some interesting facts about child only health insurance in Wisconsin:

These are some of the largest private health insurance companies that offer low-cost, health insurance plans for children only in Wisconsin:

Children’s Health Insurance Program in Wisconsin (CHIP Coverage)

For families with modest incomes, there may be public health insurance for children. Wisconsin CHIP, or the Children’s Health Insurance Program, provides a very valuable safety net, but this program has strict income restrictions, offers only an HMO, and takes some time to apply for.

For example, Wisconsin CHIP only offers to cover children from families with certain income limits and might limit access that your child can get to specific health insurance providers. This might not work for every family but it be good if you need a short-term health insurance plan for your child. If your family’s income does not fall within the guidelines or you could take out group medical insurance, but choose not to, you might not qualify. This is similar to the Medicaid program.

With an HMO, almost all covered services have to be in-network, and public networks may be limited in some parts of Wisconsin. Meanwhile, private insurance companies offer more flexible PPO plans that allow children to get covered services from any medical provider and do not require referrals from primary care doctors to see specialists.

Comparing child only health insurance in Wisconsin quotes is as simple as entering your home ZIP code. View local options from top health insurance companies. You can click any option for more information or find contact details to have your questions answered by a live agent.

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