What Vaccines Do Babies Get

There are many new parents today who are excitedly anticipating the birth of their first child. It’s an incredibly exciting time. For many new parents, they feel overwhelmed by becoming a first time parent and because of that, there’s some added stress.

One of the things parents are wondering is, should I vaccinate my child. Unfortunately the Internet has become a place where people share some bad ideas about vaccinations. There are literally thousands of articles out there on the subject of vaccinations. There is a lot of debate among parents about the pros and cons of vaccinations. Depending on what you read, there are articles about why vaccines are bad and why vaccines are important. It can be overwhelming.

We’re not here to tell you why vaccines are good or why vaccines are bad. There are literally thousands of articles offering reasons why you should vaccinate your children and reasons why you shouldn’t vaccinate your children. If you have a child only health insurance plan, it should cover most vaccines. 

What we want to do is just offer some simple information about what vaccines your baby will get should you choose vaccination. Again, it’s a personal choice between you and your spouse. It’s also best to speak to your pediatrician about the pros and cons of vaccines.

Most new babies will get the following vaccines after birth.

Depending on which hospital you deliver your baby at, you can reasonably expect that your baby will get these vaccines within their first year of life. Many doctors and pediatricians will spread it out over a period of time. This can be good because it’s easier on your child.

Again, whether you choose to vaccinate or not, is your personal choice. You shouldn’t allow someone else tell you what to do with your baby. If you do choose vaccination, these are the vaccines your baby will get. There are a lot of arguments for vaccines and against vaccines. This article was just to let you know what vaccines a baby usually gets.

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